What is Super-hydrophobic Cement? Applications and Advantages

What is Super-hydrophobic Cement? Applications and Advantages
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is Super-hydrophobic Cement?

Super hydrophobic cement, which is
also known as luminescent cement, is produced by modifying the structure of
cement. It absorbs and reflect lights which makes it an environmentally
friendly materials and an alternative to street lighting.

Super hydrophobic cement could be an astonishing solution to light up roads and buildings without any electrical equipment. It is claimed that such type of cement can radiate up to 12 hours of light provided that it is exposed to sunlight during the same amount of time.

Advantages of Super-hydrophobic

  1. It offers power free lighting and therefore can reduce the energy consumed and CO2 produced by lighting the streets of the world.
  2. It has exceptional strength and durability and can last for up to hundred years.
  3. Super-hydrophobic cement declines future maintenance cost due to its durability performance.
Super-hydrophobic Cement
Fig. 1: Super-hydrophobic Cement


Super-hydrophobic cement is able to absorb and
reflect light, offering an alternative to street lighting as the ground would
be lit up using this luminescent cement.

The durability of Super-hydrophobic Cement
makes it suitable materials solve challenges
for sustainable transportation infrastructure and safety.

Moreover, it can be used to replace normal concrete in critical infrastructure elements. Lastly, super-hydrophobic cement can be incorporated into critical portions of infrastructure that are prone to severe weathering and deformations.

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