What Does A Civil Engineer Do?

What Does A Civil Engineer Do?
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Tasks of Civil Engineers

Most Civil Engineers work in the construction industry, but there are many different types of organizations that employ them, including contractors, consulting engineers, local and national authorities academia or the armed forces. Some engineers carry out research to develop knowledge, work for charities in developing countries or after disasters to restore initial services such as the water supply, or they are employed by the manufacturers of construction materials and equipment.

Civil Engineering offers a rewarding and responsible career in areas such as the planning, design, construction and maintenance of buildings, roads, bridges, railways, dams, port facilities, water supply and waste water treatment systems. Civil engineers work to restrict the damaging effects on society of natural problems such as cyclones, earthquakes, floods and landslides.

Government departments and local authorities employ civil engineers for roads and traffic, water supply and infrastructure and private consultants for civil and structural design.

Civil Engineering practice includes structural engineering, hydraulic (or water) engineering, geo-technical (or soil and rock) engineering, and transportation engineering together with training in engineering management and in the related discipline of environmental engineering.

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