Thermosyphon solar water heater

Thermosyphon solar water heater
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thermosyphon solar water heater

Solar energy can be convert into power by using a solar thermal equipment. The thermosyphon (thermosiphon ormonobloc) solar water heater is one of the simplest, most economical, and, I believe, the best type of solar water heater. It’s a passive system, meaning that it has no mechanical or electrical devices that make it work. Only the sun’s energy is needed to heat the water in the solar collector and circulate that water through the holding tank.

Hereafter are some general rules you should be aware when build and install your own thermosyphon solar water heater.

1. Basic plumbing and carpentry skills are required to build this system, especially the skill of soldering copper pipe and copper fittings together using a propane torch and 95/5 solder, with flux.

2. Solar collector must face south

3. For maximum year round gain, the collector angle should match your latitude.

4. Solar collector needs six hours of direct sunlight per day to heat all the water in the holding tank.

5. Solar collector won’t work in the shade.

6. During freezing weather conditions, all water must be drained from the solar collector, or freeze damage will occur.

7. Use standard hot water heater as the holding tank for your thermosyphon solar water heater. When adequate solar energy is not available use the heat
source in the tank as back-up.

8. Use only copper pipe and copper pipe fittings for this system. Do not use any PVC or plastic pipe in this system.

9. In a thermosyphon system, the tank must be behind and above the solar collector and piped.

10. Insulate all exposed pipe with foam pipe insulation, 3/4 inch i.d. by 3/4 inch wall.

11. For the thermosyphon solar water heater to work properly, it must be full of water under pressure with no air pockets inside the system. A gate valve is installed at the highest point in the system to manually vent air from the system during initial fill up.

12. Before you buy any materials, make a drawing of your system and estimate the amount of lumber, pipe and fittings, glass, etc. that you will need.

The Sun is a gigantic fusion reactor which radiates energy into space. The amount of energy our planet receives in one hour from the Sun is of the same dimension as the world energy consumption in one year. This energy drives the water cycle, causes winds and provides light and heat. The use of these renewable sources of energy is becoming crucial for future and carbon reduction strategies. Act now buy bring a solar water heater to your home.

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