Recycling Glass Bottle – Eco-Friendly Solution

Recycling Glass Bottle – Eco-Friendly Solution
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Among numerous approaches to benefit eco-system, recycling glass bottle is counted in first five effective measures. Moreover, the recycling of glass offers net environmental gain and thus number of outdoor travel flask depots is working in this direction successfully.

Growing trees to keep the earth clean and harvesting rain water are considered best eco-friendly measures known all over. But, the problem of landfill situation is getting worse these days. And to cope up with the situation, it has become important to support the measure of glass bottle recycling. Adding to this, reprocessing of bottles have been proving beneficial all over in more than one way.

The reprocessing method not only supports in reducing the landfill rate but also comes with several other benefits which one will come to know in this article.

One can easily put glass to good use by sending trash to vacuum insulated bottle depot. Depots work in different ways to bring the used container for the reuse. According to such depots, beneficial aspects of recycled glass are as follows:

Glass is recyclable

One throws glass into a bin from where it is taken to the treatment plant. There, the containers get sorted by color and are washed to make them free of any kind of impurities. Next step at depots or reprocessing centers include the crushing of items followed by melting process.

After the process of melting, bottle is moulded to give new shape either of jars or containers. Alternative uses of glass are found in brick manufacturing and for decoration as well. The final step is to send such recycled products to shop for consumers’ use. It can be said that kids water bottles doesn’t degrade with the recycling process; it is 100 % recyclable and can be used again and again.

Reduction in energy use

It is well known that glass is produced with the help of three essential raw materials called as sand, limestone and soda ash. And formation of fresh items need more usage of raw materials and oil as well. Adding to it, more energy is required to produce new items. Here, it should be known to all that the reprocessing of such items needs less raw materials and oil which indicates that energy is saved by going for the reprocessing methods of professional depots exiting these days.

You should also know one thing that it is estimated that by the end of year 2013, modern glass manufacturers are planning to make use of 50 percent of recycled material in the formation of fresh vacuum water bottles, caps, containers, jars etc. And this step will save that much energy which would be enough to power 45,000 households for one complete year. Adding to it, it will also assist in reducing landfill situation by 181,550 tons of waste every month. Thus, we should come forward for recycling glass and conserve raw materials, lower manufacturing costs and reduce CO2 emissions for the betterment of environment.

BC Bottle Depot is a leading name among professional recycling glass depots in Vancouver, BC. It has been offering cash to individuals for bringing different kind of glass wastes to any of locations including Surrey, Walnut Grove, Maple Ridge and others in BC.

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