Mixing Modern and Period Interior Design

Mixing Modern and Period Interior Design
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Modern design may be all about sleek lines and strong colours these days but can you mix it effectively with period styles?

To do this you need to understand exactly what ‘period’ means, as it is such a broad term that covers many types of styles. Essentially, a period design can cover a specific historical period in design, art deco for example. So you may want combine modern polished concrete floors with some Victorian design style but will it work?

A Balance Between the Two

Finding the right balance between modern and period design pieces is easier than you think. Firstly, you need to choose which way you want to go:

  • Balance evenly between historical pieces such as antiques and modern design elements.
  • Favour one for your colour and design, the other for furnishings.
  • Use one predominantly and the other just for feature pieces around your home.

An example would be using something with colonial style furnishings. You do not want to mismatch things and colour rules still apply, but you can easily highlight modern design elements with classic design pieces.

Getting Inspiration

Finding the right inspiration for your home makeover is important before you start redecorating or buying furniture and other design elements. Books and magazines are one thing but if you can see the types of designs you want in your home in person then you will have a better idea of how to use them.

Make sure you visit a few furniture stores as well as antique stores to get an idea of both styles and prices. While some genuine antiques may be out of your price range you can always try and find reproduction pieces which may not be as good but will suit your design purposes.

Finding the Right Period

You may already have your favourite design period and type of antiques in mind for your home. If you are a little confused by all of it, don’t worry as a little bit of research and some fun weekends out to the antique shops will solve that!

Common design periods:

Art Deco – a very popular home design element that you might think of as those amazingly beautiful bronze figurines. Lovely rounded corners on furniture and deep colours.

  • Victorian Era – Classic and snooty furniture! The time of social rules and likewise, strong rules on design.
  • French provincial – This is common to see in many homes and has a lot of white and those classic French styled, ornate furniture.
  • Colonial – Think wicker furniture and other colonial era furnishings, both utilitarian and beautiful.

Before you decide exactly how you are going to do your home you need to decide on the major features you will incorporate into it. Be sure you start with an overall design plan such as floors and walls and work your way right down to simple ornaments. With a wide variety of period and modern design elements to choose from you will surely find something you will love to live with.

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